It's worth recalling once again the age-old wisdom:
The external is a reflection of the inner.
The body is a metaphor for the spirit ...
Welcome to a new life, with the right energy, your own lifestyle and an impressive appearance!
Leonid A. Elkin
The founder of the Method
The unique Method of rejuvenating the body and discovering the energy potential, which Dr. Elkin uses in his work, is based on an impressive medical background. Being a surgeon of the highest category, the doctor for many years carried out the most complicated obstetric-gynecological operations. He has a lot of scientific works, public speeches, which were repeatedly covered in the press.

The Method of Doctor Elkin is really exceptional because it brings fruitful results that are noticeable after just several sessions of work. The Method is based on the profound doctor's knowledge in the field of Oriental medicine, which he received while individually studying ways of manual acupressure influence of the famous Chinese master.

Dr. Elkin runs ... no, not the "youth code", as written in glossy magazines, but the hidden reserves of the body, which we do not see, do not know and do not use in the state of stress and daily routine.
Starting to work with the patient, Dr. Elkin carefully listens to his problems and complaints, pays close attention to the work of the body as a whole. The great medical experience and wisdom of Oriental medicine are refracted on each individual patient in different ways, launching a unique individual program of physiological restoration and subsequent rejuvenation.

The Method of Dr. Elkin is a combination of acupressure techniques with contact energy impact, but also of an absolute knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of all body structures, the justified application of the entire spectrum of restorative medicine techniques, including manual therapy, some aspects of applied kinesiology and craniosacral therapy. The doctor attaches great importance to changing structure of the patient's diet as well.
This is a real ancient medicine, when the best doctors were able to influence the energy meridians.
And this is a modern traditional medicine, impregnated with a huge practice of working as a surgeon.
This is a real ancient medicine, when the best doctors were able to influence the energy meridians.
And this is a modern traditional medicine, impregnated with a huge practice of working as a surgeon.
"Restoring vitality" according to "Yumeiho" therapy, which has been practiced for already 10 years by Dr. Elkin, almost instantly leads to an improvement of work of internal organs, the establishment of internal biorhythms of the person, the overall recovery and, accordingly, the rejuvenation of the body.

Complex work with a patient leads to improvement not only of his physical, but also psychological state: a positive attitude helps to get more energy and pleasure from every moment and state, to harmoniously combine successes in work, personal and family life.
But the main advantage of the Method for us is that it improves our appearance unusually fast without surgical intervention and chemistry.
Attending the Wellness Center of Dr. Elkin, you will be surprised to find out that your extra volumes are "blown away" practically at face value, sleep becomes calm and productive, food habits are changed drastically, many psychological problems are resolved by themselves, and the feeling that comes to you every day - is real happiness from the amazing harmony of the soul and body. In addition to the tremendous effect of rejuvenation and recovery due to the disclosure of your own internal energy potential and the admired looks of others, you will receive a pleasant bonus - absolute self-love, full acceptance of yourself in all your beauty and a huge amount of energy for implementing of your own, even the most cherished and courageous, plans.
Everything becomes obsolete, traditional or not ... Only stuff that guarantees to take years (rejuvenation), kilograms away and improve the quality of life is claimed.
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