Some people come for a miracle ...
Others - for happiness ...
Still others ask how to go on living ...
The fourth do not want to grow old ...
In the course of our work, the shape of patient's body changes, as well as the tissue structure, the quality of nutrition, the lifestyle, and as a result of these changes, thoughts, sensations and presentation of oneself become positively different. In continuation, bright moments begin to happen more often in your life, and the person achieves what he could not even think about earlier.
Leonid A. Elkin
The founder of the Method
The most important thing in this Method is to "make friends" of the head with the body and to include the patient in this joint work. The daily concentration on everything that makes up the life of the human body is particularly important: sleep, vision, working capacity, physiological processes, emotions, enjoyment, etc. Due to this, a person consciously understands that he is becoming one whole with his body. When changes start to occur at the physiological level, a person alters not only outwardly, becoming more slim, young and attractive, but he alters at the level of perception, sensation and presentation of himself. Changes occur parallel, and this is the main difference from radical methods of influence on exterior.

It is the system of recovery, rejuvenation, reconstruction of the body. When it is launched, it remains for life on. Work with the patient proceeds gradually in order to turn the reflex into a system. The course for an adult takes a year and a half, since it is impossible to "swing" the body at a time. Usually the head is ready for changes, but the body resists - I'm fine as it is, why strain yourself. But if the organism works under the control of the head, it realizes there must be exactly that quantity of food and exactly of that quality. Physical exercises are also vital. Once you start, you want to follow these simple rules, because feeling young, healthy, light and vigorous is very pleasant.

When a patient comes to me, firstly I listen to him attentively to clearly understand why he isn't satisfied and what he'd like to achieve. Secondly, I'm inspecting him and then determine in which zones of the body there are clamps, and which zones, on the contrary, are too active. Depending on this, I design my future work. The fact is that if one or another energy channel is closed, a person cannot give off energy, it's accumulated inside him, and whatever he does, no matter how he tortures himself with diets and exercise stress, he cannot lose weight.

With the help of palms and ten fingers I work with energy channels and zones of activation and stabilization. I work with the invisible - with the unused resources of the body, determining by touch, where it's warm and where it's cold. "Cold" - means the blocked energy or resource, which the body cannot use. By directing information from my fingertips to these zones and clearly dispensing energy, I bring the body into a balanced state.

Leonid A. Elkin, the founder of the Method
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